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Monkey Go Happy 6

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“Monkey Go Happy 6"is the sixth game about the unfortunate monkeys of “Monkey GO Happy” series of games. In this game you have to be attentive and savvy to make little sad monkey happy. Use different objects and open new secret places. You will never know the reason of their sadness, because they speak no word and make no talking sound. Everything you see is the complete family, consisting of six monkeys of all ages, looking at you with eyes full of tears. Cruelty is not about us, so the help should be provided. In the last, sixth, part of the game you have to overcome 15 challenging and very interesting levels. Game starts with the choice of one of six different monkeys out of which you have to choose-which one would you like to make happy? If you like a game you can try your strength by playing for everyone, one by one. Each of the monkeys expresses happiness differently, so playing the game for different characters you will open a lot of different sets of various interesting mini games in addition to 15 levels. Each stage opens up various bonuses and many other features. Once you decide on the character, you should choose a suitable costume that in your mind is most appropriate, then choose the level and start executing your goal to cheer a monkey at all means. Hidden objects in different levels will help you in your mission, just find them. At each level, you will need to solve a puzzle. Click on the objects on the playing surface so that you cheer a sad monkey. By the way, all of your clicks are counted. The fewer clicks, the better .The quicker you cope with all the tasks, the more points you get. So if you want to have a good time and enjoy the puzzles, this game is just for you.

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